Residential Solar

When considering any home improvement project, it is often difficult to determine the final value the homeowner will realize from their investment. This is NOT the case with solar installations; the state and federal governments have created programs with financial incentives that offset equipment and installation costs. Most New Mexico electricity providers also offer additional cost-cutting incentives or production based payments that reduce or even possibly eliminate an electric bill!

A solar investment is relatively safe in an economy and that relatively is not. The most expensive components are covered by 10-25 year warranties and because so many of the incentives are from the government or based on contracts, Green Image can predict your return on investment with high accuracy. The typical return on a solar investment will outperform bank deposits, CD’s, and even most hedge funds!

Worried about roof damage? Solar equipment can also be installed without any roof penetrations. This option minimizes roof impact and makes the equipment easy to uninstall and transport.

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Roof Type: Flat Roof
Area Utilized: 600 sq. ft.
Average Monthly Production: 450 KwH 

System Size: 3.0 KW
Number of Panels: 15 Panel
Warranty: 25-years
Inverter Size: 3.1 KW
Inverter Warranty: 15-years
Roof Penetration: No 
Cost: $19,500.00


30% Federal Tax Credit: $5,850.00 (Year 1!)
10% State Tax Credit: $1,950.00 (Year 1!)
Annual Electric Savings: $400 – $495 per year (first 20 years)
PNM REC Purchase Agreement: $685 – $760 per year (first 12 years)